Spatial Transformation

The next generation of technology has arrived.

EyeJack is working with the latest in spatial technologies at the intersection of AI and AR. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art spatial solutions for businesses that are ready to explore the next frontier.

Spatial technologies are being embraced by businesses and organisations in various indoor and outdoor environments such as museums, galleries, retail centres, sporting venues and heritage sites for purposes of navigation and way-finding, storytelling and self-guided tours, training and education, gaming and entertainment.

Spatial Search

Spatial Search combines Augmented Reality and AI to create spatially aware applications that help you find things in the real-world faster. This technology solution is perfect for information dense environments where your business can reduce dwell time and optimise visitor flow.

Spatial Wayfinding

Helping visitors cut through the hustle and bustle is key to a positive experience. Augmented reality technology is used to overlay virtual navigation over the real world and help visitors get to their next destination quicker, while allowing businesses to optimise foot traffic and gather valuable insights into visitor behavior.

Spatial Gaming

Live events pose an immense opportunity to connect fans through shared, interactive, spatial experiences. Stadiums and large venues are ideal for multi-player gaming where anyone can join in the fun and even make some new friends in the crowd.

Spatial Storytelling

Every place has a story and there's no better way to tell it then with spatial. Industries like tourism, heritage, arts and culture, are all taking advantage of this high impact approach of bringing hidden stories to life at any location.

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