Zero Gravity: Is this our Earth?

How our Arusí AR kites project ended up in space!
Children and AR butterflies through camera

In 2021, our Art Director, Sutu  was invited to the Arusí community in Chocó, Colombia, by the Artists for Plants NGO to create an AR project to bring awareness to their endangered ecosystem on Earth Day. Chocó is home to a diverse collection of flora and fauna and their coastline is home to an important whale breeding sanctuary.

Sutu created original black and white illustrations based on the local flora and fauna and together with the EyeJack team  we created an AR experience to allow the community to colour the drawings and then bring them to life with AR.

The project was later selected by the global non-for-profit organisation ArtsHelp to be included in a special project with the United Nations to send the video to space!

‘ZERO GRAVITY: Is This Our Earth?’ is the first digital art exhibition streamed from the edge of space featuring seven thought-provoking artworks from socially conscious artists. Each artists works focused on one representing on of the UN sustainability goals. The artists included:

Alex Peter, Nigeria (Africa). Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
Cassils, Canada & USA (North America). Goal 5: Gender Equality
Martin Agazzi, Argentina (South America). Goal 1: Eradicating Poverty
Salventius, Netherlands (Europe). Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
Sutu, USA & Australia. Goal 4: Quality Education
Uğur Gallenkuş, Turkey (Asia). Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities
Zaria Forman, USA & Antarctica. Goal 13: Climate Action

The exhibition is streamed from a height of over 100,000 feet above sea level, raising awareness for the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and the urgent need for us to come together to treat our planet with care.

The custom-designed art apparatus, lifted to the limits of Earth's atmosphere, is equipped with a satellite tracker, modified 4K screen and multiple cameras to capture the event in all its breathtaking glory.

Music licensing courtesy of Epidemic Sound.

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