The Dream Machine Experience

XR Experiences at the Lincoln Center, NYC

A boundary-breaking XR experiences, crafted by the EyeJack team in collaboration with the legendary Nona Hendryx, awaits visitors at the Lincoln Centre. The immersive VR & AR Nonaverse invites guests to step into the mind-bending playgrounds of George Clinton, Laurie Anderson, Vernon Reid, Skin, Bina48, and Nona Hendryx herself. Open to the public from June 12th to 30th, 2024.

The Dream Machine

Visitors to the Lincoln Centre will be transported into the interactive universe of The Dream Machine using VR headsets. EyeJack’s co-founder, Sutu, has crafted five distinct experiences featuring virtual performances with legendary artists and gamelike interactions. Users have the freedom to explore one or more of these choose-your-own virtual adventures.

The Bridge

In addition to the VR Dream Machine experience, EyeJack introduces a captivating Geospatial AR experience spanning the Lincoln Center Plaza. Guided by Cyboracle, the larger-than-life virtual avatar embodied by Nona Hendryx, folks embark on a self-guided journey to uncover the rich history of the communities that have inhabited the land. The accompanying app facilitates seamless exploration, providing informative waypoints to navigate between the AR stories.

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