Music Installations at Splendour

Splendour in the Grass festival-goers were treated to an unforgettable immersive experience, courtesy of the Tweed Regional Museum (TRM) on Wheels' exciting new Supertonic exhibition, which made its debut at the 2023 event.

A collaboration between TRM and EyeJack, Supertonic at Splendour celebrated the sonic tapestry of the contemporary musical world in the Northern Rivers and Gold Coast. The exhibition featured recordings, sounds, and stories of music creators, including local legends such as Amyl and The Sniffers, Budjerah, JK-47, Skeggs, The Jezabels, Sunnyboys, and TORA.

Supertonic Sequencer

Festival-goers of all ages were invited to bust a move on the interactive dance floor, where their body movements triggered sound bites by local musicians. Simultaneously, these movements prompted flora and fauna animations displayed on a LED screen. Every three minutes, the sound palette changed, allowing the audience to explore a completely new sound-set by a different artist.

How Does it Work?

This installation utilises a ceiling-mounted tracking camera to recognise people as they enter the space. The interactive area is divided into a 4 x 3 grid, consisting of 12 squares. Each square features its own animation on the LED screen and a sample from an Australian musician. People are free to move (or dance!) around the interactive space, triggering various audio samples and animations. The installation encourages multiple users to engage at the same time, making the sound and animations more vibrant with increased participation.

Animations for the interactive sequencer were skilfully crafted by EyeJack collaborator Helena Papageorgiou. Helena not only conceptualised but also brought to life these animations, drawing inspiration from the rich flora and native floral elements of the Tweed Heads region.

Museum on Wheels (MoW)

The much-loved psychedelic mobile museum, the MoW, showcased images of musicians brought to life with Augmented Reality (AR), transporting participants into the worlds of local artists who have performed at Splendour over the years.

The extended version of the Supertonic exhibition, featuring additional musicians, interactivity, and augmented reality, was also showcased at the Tweed Regional Museum.

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