SmartART Moreland

Augmented Reality Murals

Watch some of Moreland's most iconic murals by local and international artists come to life with augmented reality. Featuring augmented murals by Felicity Waters, Tom Gerrard, Tom Civil, Hayden Dewar, Buff Diss, Loretta Lizzio and Fin DAC. SmartARt Moreland is a collaboration between Moreland City Council, artists and EyeJack to create 10 AR murals in Moreland.

This project showcases the use of EyeJack's Desktop App 'EyeJack Creator' and how animation can be designed internally by our clients. Discover 5 AR murals in the laneways off Bonwick Street, Fawkner and 5 more around the heart of Brunswick. Exact locations and more info can be found on the project page:

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