Nyiyaparli Flora Book

Augmented Reality Book

EyeJack worked closely with Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation and Roy Hill to digitally enhance the incredible ‘Nyiyaparli Flora’ ethnobotanical cultural heritage book which documents important cultural knowledge and showcases much of the diverse flora that exists on Nyiyaparli Country in the Eastern Pilbara region of Western Australia. The result was a digital twin of the book that provided new ways to explore the content, combined with augmented reality, it unlocked another dimensionality to the stories, culture and knowledge within the pages.

The first phase of work centred around using the EyeJack app to expand hero pages within the book using Augmented Reality content. This consisted of documentary footage including interviews with the community for their expert knowledge as well as bespoke real-time 3D animations bringing the stories behind the flora to life.

Digital Twin

Creating a digital twin of the book opened up exciting opportunities for new ways of interacting with the content. It made it possible to instantly explore the information by category, scientific groups, text search, traditional uses of the flora and even colour! We designed a data visualisation consisting of dots which dynamically re-arranged on screen based on search criteria, each dot representing a particular flora from the book. The datavis provides a birds eye view, revealing the interconnected relationships between the flora.

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