A retro-futuristic franchise created by Artist and Director, Sutu.

Neonz is a Web3 native IP set to define the Metaverse era.  The project launched in 2021 as a generative NFT avatar collection consisting of 10,000 avatars which sold out in 31 minutes and that initial crowd sale has financed the subsequent developments of Neonz AR experiences and the  browser-based game Circuit Breaker.

Sutu and EyeJack are exploring ways where owning Neonz will unlock future content in AR, VR and Web. The first NEONZ AR experience combines web3  interface with AR to dynamically load any one of the 10000 Neonz in Real-time, and have them light up the real world as interactive neon signs. It also introduces Lightfieldz, an NFT inventory item that unlocks AR world effects that are tracked to the realworld environment like trippy animated wall paper.

Neonz Facez

Neonz Facez allows any holder of Neonz to become their NEONZ by activating their Neonz as a 3D Face filter using the EyeJack Augmented Reality app. This experience is also available to license as an installation where a mobile device is mounted to an LCD screen and visitors can simply swipe their hand in front of their face to activate anyone of the 10000 facez. Contact for licensing enquiries.

Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker is a browser-based speed run game. Sprint through a maze of obstacles, corridors and moving platforms and activate hidden dimensions to seek out the fastest time. Have your time immortalized on the community leaderboard. Train now for our upcoming tournament.

Neonz playing in circuit breaker game
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