Neon Giants

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Become a giant hologram in a futuristic mega-city bustling with animated neon life!

Art and visuals by Sutu and Daniel Sierra

Neon Giants is installed in two locations; Los Angeles and Boston. In each location, two iPhone Pros equipped with LiDAR sensors capture players as holograms and project them into an instance of the game stored on the cloud. On the cloud the two holograms are synthesised in to the one game and the pixels of that game are then streamed back to the big screens in the respective labs.

Distance is no longer a boundary in a 5g connected future.

Along with your hologram, ALL the gameplay data is sent back and forth across the 5g network. We use hologram edge detection , to allow you to interact with all the art in the game. Every time you hit a Bunny Blimp or deflect some Surfing Cats you score points and those points add up on the leaderboard that is also shared between the labs. It is a fun little competition after all and you’ll probably wanna know if you’re winning!

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