Music Off The Wall

An EyeJack Experience at The Music Center

We are thrilled to present "Music off the Wall: An EyeJack Experience," a stunning augmented reality (AR) exhibit, in partnership with The Music Center (L.A) during its 60th year celebrations. This innovative showcase, featuring 16 augmented reality artworks accompanied by music, is set against the backdrop of Jerry Moss Plaza and within the intimate space of the Plaza Gallery. This AR experience, accessible through visitors’ smartphones, is not only free to the public, but also showcases AR artworks making their world debut.

Music off the Wall runs from March 5 until May 4, 2024.


EyeJack premiered "Bloomscapes", exclusively for Jerry Moss Plaza at The Music Center. Created by PANDAKERO under the creative direction of EyeJack's founder and renowned digital artist Sutu, this AR sculpture showcases a flock of abstract sound creatures that take over the skies while emanating a serene soundscape throughout the plaza. Visitors to The Music Center can also engage with the AR sculpture by amplifying their interaction on the large plaza screens.

Prosthetic Reality

Accessible through smartphones, the exhibit showcases Prosthetic Reality 1 & 2 book artworks. The featured artists in Jerry Moss Plaza at The Music Center include Mobotato, Marissa Noana, The Glad Scientist, Unaraneta, Sutu, and Galamot. Additionally, the Plaza Gallery will showcase artworks by S1NTDNS, City VR, Daniel Breda, Jake Gumbleton, THÖR, Helena Papageorgiou, Dave Mutnjakovic, Michael Tan, and Daniel Wesseik.

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