Dream Gallery

Indigenous detainee Art Exhibition

People, Sun and Earth Celebrations, this unique exhibition is home to Australia’s first Indigenous detainee Art Exhibition powered by augmented reality (AR) created by EyeJack.

With the ACT Corrective Services as tenants of the building, the building owner ISPT saw a unique opportunity to partner closely with them to deliver this exhibition experience through their Indigenous Detainee Artwork Program. Together, we have curated an exhibition of original artworks created by Indigenous detainees, some of which to be further brought to life through AR in the 2CA ground foyer.

Through the artwork and animation design the artist’s stories unfold allowing viewers to learn about aboriginal culture revealing powerful themes such as family, reconciliation, culture, ceremony, dance, dreamtime, ancestry, family, motherhood, meeting places, stolen generation, the great spirit, fork in the road, life’s journey, cancer, protection and the strong connection between culture, community and the natural environment.

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