Bankstown Wander

Spatial Art Trail

Bankstown Wander is a Spatial Art Trail brought to life by EyeJack in collaboration with Bankstown Art Centre. Crafted in collaboration with Western Sydney artist PANDAKERO, this unique AR experience follows “Ginger” the local stray cat, beckoning visitors to go out exploring and follow along on Ginger’s adventures.

The Story

The central storyline revolves around "Ginger," a local street cat familiar to residents, serving as a guide for participants from the Art Centre to the Bryan Brown Theatre. Through the exploration and connection fostered by this character, the diverse communities of Bankstown come to life in a realm of abstract symbols and iconography, symbolising the cultural richness inherent in the region.

Art Abound

Ginger lands in the heart of the arts, Bankstown Arts Centre greets with textures, shapes, sounds and colour off the charts.


Curiosity calls Ginger, the cacophony of noise picking up pace, he explores the street of stalls.

Food Encounter

Smells too rich to ignore, he inhales and leaps off he goes, which one first – meat or sweets?

Crossing Cultures

A hoo-man child. Who is he? Sounds unfamiliar but feels so friendly. Meow on approach, bite free.

A Place To Gather

Musical Ginger on a bold adventure, leaping next to the stage, he thinks, “I’d love me some boogie. Let’s party to the beat!”

Fashion Parade

With newfound friends, Ginger struts his stuff swapping clothes at dizzying speeds, all in the spirit of fashion fun.

Urban Garden

Rest and recharge after the rush - as he enters an urban oasis, a cocoon that envelops, Ginger finds Zen.


He dreams of a future for this kaleidoscopic place Darani - a wondrous high-tech eco city.

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