Aku Dreams

Interactive Multiuser Augmented Reality Experience

We love working with Artist Micah Johnson and his character Aku, the world’s first digital explorer. Micah created a travelling installation comprising of an Aku Statue paired with our Augmented Reality experience, allowing the community to send their dreams on virtual paper planes.

Paper Planes

The AR experience and interface is very simple and frictionless. Scanning a QR code triggers a flurry of paper planes to appear and glide around the statue. Tapping on a paper plane brings it forward to unfold and reveals a written message by a member of the community - their dream. When feeling inspired, anyone can also write their own dream on a paper plane and send it off to join the others around the Aku statue.

Aku Statue

Floor decals are the entry point into the AR experience. They are a great for providing information about the Aku Statue, helping to onboard the public and directing them to scan the QR code. They also server another purpose, helping to calibrate the AR experience so that the paper planes are positioned correctly around the statue.

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