Aku Coloring Book

Augmented Reality Coloring Book

Aku Almost Goes to the Moon, is an augmented reality coloring book. Children can color in using pencils or markers, just like any other coloring book. However, when the colored page is viewed through a smartphone or tablet camera, it comes alive with AR animations using the same colors as on the page!

The book is based on a poem by Aku Creator, Micah Johnson and illustrated by Danish Designer, Marie Thorhauge. It is a beautiful kids' book that not only captures the imaginations of children with its vibrant illustrations and animations, but also captivates them with its story and message.

AR Tracking

We had help from lots of little testers during production, using everything from crayons, pencils, markers to paints. The results were often very messy! I mean what kid likes to color inside the lines?! In this short video, our Lead Designer (Mif) explains the challenges of designing robust Image Targets for AR Tracking to withstand the whims of kids coloring books.

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